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Let’s rethink tomorrow.

Hi, we are dayy.

dayy® is an experience design agency in the heart of Cologne, founded in 2016, with a team of around 20 people.

We craft forward-thinking digital products, brands and experiences for a more exciting, joyful and resilient tomorrow.

The brands we work with, e.g. Red Bull, Spotify, Rewe and Allianz, appreciate our way of working and our idea of being their partner in crime rather than your regular service provider.

We are really serious about the work we do and the quality we deliver but we are also very serious about having fun at work and not taking ourselves too seriously.

And one more important thing before you read the following:

We know job postings can be pretty intimidating. We don’t expect you to be or to have all the requirements listed here. No one can be an expert in everything. You are specialized in one field but got a general understanding of the rest and willing to learn and improve? Perfect! Give it a Go!

Who you are

  • You are an expert in User Experience Design, UX Strategy and various Service/Product Design Methods
  • You are an expert for the experience and practicability of digital products and services
  • You got a minimum of 10 years experience in the field of User Experience Strategy and Service Design
  • You have a clear understanding of user research methods
  • You are able to find solutions to complex problems with the help of UX methods and processes
  • Very good understanding and knowledge of Design basics and rules
  • You are outcome-oriented: you know what’s best for the client, for the team and the agency
  • You are not afraid to take the lead and you can be a good teacher, mentor, leader to Intermediates, Juniors and Trainees
  • You got experience with agile development and design sprints
  • You juggle different projects but never lose track
  • You got experience with preparing and executing presentations and workshops
  • You are proactive, independent and assertive
  • You got enthusiasm, empathy and capacity for teamwork
  • You got a great sense of humor
  • Du sprichst fließend Deutsch.

What you will do

  • Together with our Creative Director you will be responsible for dayy’s creative excellence in product/service design and brand experiences
  • Together with our Creative Director you will be responsible for developing our UX & UI design team (10+ people)
  • You will shape our approach on how to tackle complex service and product design projects
  • You will be Strategy and UX Lead for many different digital projects and holistic brand experiences
  • In a new project you will be the one evaluating every UX aspect to create a UX strategy, from vision to architecture
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to anything. Finding the right approach while working collaboratively with the team and our clients/partners is key
  • You know what the client wants but even more important, you know what the enduser wants and you can translate this into suitable measures
  • You are planning, preparing and executing workshops with different stakeholders
  • You are consulting clients but also your colleagues in everything UX-related
  • You will be practicing User Research and Usability Testings
  • You keep yourself and your team up to date with new useful technologies, tools and methods

Our Beliefs

People first.

Because that’s what we all are, aren’t we? In a digital world we should never forget what it means to be human. We are empathetic and strongly believe that a successful experience always starts by focussing on the user’s context. But it does not stop there: We as a team and also our clients are humans, too. That’s why we have the interests and needs of everyone involved at heart, when it comes to tough decisions.

Driven by Story & Vision.

Because everybody loves a good story. A commitment to compelling storytelling is a red thread through all our work. It breathes life and passion into every project.Technology can send us flying to our destination, but we need the navigation of vision and story to get us anywhere worthwhile.

Design with Soul.

Because it’s in the details. Every project deserves passion and dedication, and we leave a bit of ourselves in each one. Our ambition always is to honor the craft and create tangible, beautiful and exciting things that have an emotional heart and go beyond being just functional.

There is no boring.

Because the point is to find wonder in everything. We believe everything can be exciting. It’s just a question of „how“. Through story, joy and ease we aim to create meaningful experiences that provoke a sense of wonder and delight. Our goal is to move & excite people with everything we do.

Less noise. More action.

Because we do, rather than just talk. We like to roll up our sleeves and dive in. We don’t believe in endless powerpoint decks and meetings. Flexibility is key, as is quickly adapting to new conditions and challenges. Like a living organism we react to the ever-changing circumstances we face while doing project work in realtime.

Power of together.

Because it’s all about teamwork. We are not just another service provider where checking in feels like more of a chore. We prefer to see ourselves as your partner in crime. And just like any good relationship, collaborating with us should take place on eye-level, based on honest communication & transparency. We love to work as integrated teams. As equals we strive towards the best possible result - together.


Culture Check – that is how we roll.

  • We don’t have an agency dog yet, we would love to have one though. Or even better, an agency lama, yes lama.
  • Things can get chaotic but we never lose sight of the real important stuff.
  • We love to take the team to our favorite restaurants for team meetings and things like that. Combine work with something pleasant.
  • We love to have some fun side projects like our own dayy Merch, our own clothing line and potentially our own dayy Café.
  • We really enjoy the time we are together as a team in our office but working remote has almost become the standard. So if you live in a different city, that is totally fine with us. We would like to have you here in Cologne though once in a while for certain meetings, team events, etc.
  • We like Memes and we are not afraid to use them.
  • That also applies to cringy Dad Jokes.

What’s happening Next?

  • Send your CV and portfolio to jobs@dayy.de and just drop a few lines on yourself that is not written in your résumé (no need to google „professional cover letter“)
  • Let us know when you could start and what your salary expectations are
  • We will contact you and best case arrange an interview with you
  • If you don’t hear from us within a week, feel free to reach out to us

® dayy 2023

® dayy 2023

® dayy 2023

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dayy GmbH
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